Africa is an epic travel destination. Set on a natural stage of unprecedented grandeur and beauty, this vast continent boasts steaming jungles and sprawling savannahs, wind-swept deserts and gargantuan sand dunes, white sand beaches and emerald waters, snow-capped mountains and green-tinged highlands, turbulent rivers and meandering waterways. And then there’s the wildlife: the intensity of the wildebeest migration in the Masai Mara, the wide-mouthed yawn of a hippo at a national park in Uganda, giraffes sauntering in style as the Serengeti sun sets. Unforgettable moments of awesomeness that place you smack-bang in the middle of your very own wildlife documentary. And on top of all that, this blockbuster continent is the birthplace of humanity, today populated by intriguing peoples, shaped by the rhythms of their astounding surrounds.