Ultramodern, big and boasty, Dubai is where the past meets the future with an opulence and grandeur unlike anywhere else on earth. Once a little fishing village, this most populous of United Arab Emirates cities claims more than its fair share of the planet’s biggest, flashest and most expensive skyscrapers, hotels, restaurants and shopping malls. There’s no shortage of ways to spoil yourself. But bust out of the glitzy resorts and it’s easy to be reminded that you a player on an Arabian stage. Gaze at a star-studded desert night sky, hop atop a camel for an unforgettable sand dune stroll, spend an intrepid night in a traditional Bedouin camp to sense what Dubai was like before the rise of skyscrapers, or experience sensory overload at a spice-fuelled bazaar. Whatever your adventure, Dubai offers more than a glamorous shopping stopover. Although, it does that superbly too!