Not so much on the traveller’s radar as some of its island neighbours, Niue offers the chance for visitors to indulge in their own private patch of Pacific paradise. The laid-back locals are far from resort-wary. In fact, expect strangers to stop and chat as tourists are still a bit of a welcome novelty in this tiny island nation. Officially an upraised coral atoll, Niue boasts no traffic lights, few crowds and a pace of life city slickers yearn for. Pack a sense of adventure as well as your togs as this standalone landmass hemmed in by Tonga, Samoa and the Cook Islands is a tropical playground of caves and coves, secret beaches and primary rainforest, all waiting to be explored. Come for the whale migration, come for the world-class diving and snorkelling, come to while away the days staring at crystal clear water, drink in hand. But, trust us on this one, just come.