There’s more to this scattered 80-island archipelago than idyllic resort locations and cruise-ship ports. Tear yourself away from postcard-perfect beaches and unforgettable experiences await. Practise your pidgin and hang out with laid-back Ni-Vanuatu locals. Brave Mount Yasur, the world’s most easily accessible active volcano, as it spews flaming rocks and lava, creating a heart-thumping natural fireworks display for visitors. Venture to Pentecost Island between April and June to see the legendary land-diving. Hold your breath as young men test their mettle by launching themselves from towers constructed of branches, tied by vines at the ankles, and plunge towards the ground. Head north to the island of Santo to explore underwater World War Two dumping grounds or the sunken remains of bombed US military vessels. It’s a world of adventure, right on our Pacific doorstep.